Starting Swing Dance?
Here’s what you need to know

Swing dancing is a fun and unique way to make new friends, get some exercise and learn basic partner dancing. There’s lots of reasons to fall in love with swing, and you’ll likely find more than one reason.

What IS swing dancing, exactly?

Okay, you’re interested…
But where to start?

Like any new hobby, swing takes some dedicated time to learn. Like guitar lessons, or improv comedy, you’re going to want to find a class that suits you. Class size, quality of instruction and balance between fun and work affect your capacity to learn swing dancing. Class-time will combine new information (moves, posture, partnering) as well as time to practice dancing.

Nathan Bugh and Gaby Cook offer classes to new students interested in swing. They are both award-winning experts in swing dance, and are renowned world-wide for their expertise, enthusiasm and charisma. With Nathan and Gaby, you’ll learn dance technique at the highest level.

Beginner classes with Nathan and Gaby take place 7pm on Tuesday nights at Chelsea Studios. Classes begin on March 7th, and continue throughout the year. Any cancellations will be posted here on the website, as well as on our Facebook Page. We begin a new session every month, but accommodate students who join us mid-month.

Common Questions for New Students

WHAT KIND OF SHOES SHOULD I WEAR? Swing is a relaxed, upbeat dance. Wear shoes that are comfortable but versatile, like leather soled shoes or tennis/walking shoes. High heels and sandals should be avoided. 

WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that allows you to move comfortably. Dressing up is great, but you should also feel comfortable sweating and moving around.   

I DON’T HAVE A PARTNER, IS THAT OKAY? Perfectly fine. In our classes, we rotate partners so you can try moves with different students. If you are ONLY interested in learning with your partner, that is also welcome.

DO I NEED TO KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT DANCING? Nope, but it’s neat if you do. We assume no prior knowlege of swing dance — and we help students learn swing from the bottom up. If you do come from other partner dancers (salsa, tango, ballroom) expect to learn new technique related to posture, musicality and rhythm. If you come other studio dances (ballet, broadway, tap), expect to learn new things about connection and partnering.

ARE LEADING AND FOLLOWING GENDER SPECIFIC? Swing with Nathan & Gaby encourages all students  to learn the part they’d like, regardless of historical gender assumptions. If you’re interested in following or leading, join us and we’ll show you the ropes! 

Where to Find Us

Our Lindy Hop Intensive will be located at Chelsea Studios, 151 W 26th on the 6th floor