Frequently Asked Questions

What classes should I take?

If you are new to our classes, please know that we expect a high level of understanding from our students. From vocabulary to quality of movement to partnering to rhythm. All aspects of the dance will be expounded at each level of class. Here is a broad guide to our levels and classes. This should help you decide which class is best for you:

Absolute Beginner: Brand new to swing dance. Unfamiliar with common swing rhythms, partnering principles and physical techniques related to posture and pulse. Class recommendation: Beginner Lindy Hop

Beginner: Rudimentary knowledge of 6-count and 8-count rhythms. No frequent social dance experience. Class recommendation: Beginner Lindy Hop

Beginner Booster: Basic knowledge of 6-count and 8-count rhythms and strong familiarity with other partner dancers (latin and ballroom dances) or studio dances (ballet, jazz, broadway, tap, hip hop and related street styles). No frequent social dance experience. Class recommendation: Beginner Lindy Hop

Intermediate: Familiar with 6-count and 8-count rhythms, along with defining vocabulary of swing (swing out, circle, side pass, stop reverse, tuck turn, side-by-side charleston). Social dance experience 3 months to 1 year. Class recommendation: Beginner Lindy Hop, Intermediate Lindy, Lindy Playground

Intermediate Plus: Strongly familiar with 6-count and 8-count rhythms, along with defining vocabulary of swing. In addition, some style, variations and ability to exchange common footwork patterns (ex. kick steps for triple steps). Social dance experience. 6 months to 1.5 years. Class recommendation: Intermediate Lindy, Lindy Playground

Advanced: Mastery of 6-count and 8-count rhythms, defining lindy vocabulary and knowledge of common variations. Expert social dance skills (2-5 years) — and performance or competition experience. Class recommendation: Lindy Playground, Advanced Lindy

How do I register for class?

Our classes allow for up to 24 students per class session. All drop-in’s and series purchases will be made directly before class. In addition, students can purchase a 12-class card, discounting the price from $20/class to $15/class. These purchases must be made in person prior to class. No online registration is possible.

Can I share my class card with another student?

Unfortunately we only allow individual students to purchase and use their class cards. No sharing of class cards is permitted. You can however purchase a class card for another individual, so long as the class credits are only used by one student.

Where can I go dancing in New York?

New York offers a nearly endless array of swing dance events and opportunities. Keep up with the most frequent information regarding weekly and monthly dances at Eileen O’Donnell’s blog, This Week In Swing.